The smartest of all stairs

Klapster Comfort is the ideal combination of functionality and design!

Spring-supported rotation axis are integrated in the steps of the innovative folding staircase model, ensuring that the staircase is very easy to fold in seconds.

But not only the folding is very smooth with the Comfort version. Due to the step depth of 18.5 cm, the folding stairs are also very comfortable to walk on.

Depending on your floor height, we determine the required number of steps and slope and manufacture your Comfort model to fit your installation situation. The pre-assembled components of the folding staircase are then sent by post as stringer-step-stringer elements, so that the staircase only has to be puzzled together and mounted on the wall. As an option, we offer smart handrail modules for screwing to the outer stair stringer of the Comfort variant.

Klapster Comfort combines outstanding design with sophisticated workmanship in best carpenter quality.

              from 2.999€


The space-saving stair miracle

from 2.099€*

Little mounting space available? No problem with Klapster Slim.

Due to the smaller step depth of 13cm, the Slim model requires considerably less wall space than Klapster Comfort. This makes this model ideal for narrow installation situations.

The construction of this folding staircase is based on a modular plug-in system, which allows the user to set the individually required slope himself.

Klapster Slim has no integrated springs, which means that folding it requires a little more effort. But the leverage makes the effort half as bad. Klapster Slim is ideal for occasional folding, for example in galleries or attics.

Thanks to the modular principle, the components of the Slim model can be delivered at low cost by post. The assembly of the folding stairs as well as the mounting is done afterwards with the help of our instruction documentation.

The outer strair stringer of the Slim version also serves as a handrail to prevent falls.


The folding ladder for maximum space saving

from 1.550€*

When every centimetre counts, Klapster Ultralight is the right choice.

Klapster Ultralight requires very little mounting space thanks to its 10cm step depth and therefore fits even on very narrow walls.

Like Klapster Slim, the construction of this model is based on a modular plug-in system, which allows the user to flexibly adjust the individually required slope himself.

The material savings (less step depth and milled out areas in the steps) have a positive influence on the weight of this model, making it pleasantly light to fold. Due to the space and weight savings, Klapster Ultralight is perfectly suited for Tiny Houses or loft beds.

The components of the Ultralight version are delivered at low cost by mail and are assembled and mounted with the help of our instruction documentation.

The outer stair stringer of the Klapster Ultralight also serves as a handrail for fall protection.


Die Drei Gründer von

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* Exemplary for ten steps, natural wood, without VAT


The step solution for cabinet manufacturers

Klapster is not only a real problem solver as a living room staircase.

Known from the show "Das ding des Jahres" is our Klapster cabinet version. In wardrobes, kitchen base units or other cabinet systems, the folding staircase is ideal for reaching higher cabinet regions.

If required, the integrated step aid can be folded out very easily and utensils can be removed from wall units. In this way, the storage space in cupboards can be used efficiently - finally also for people of average height.

With the Klap-step we offer manufacturers of cupboard systems or similar the development of individual Klap-step solutions, tailored to your requirements and wishes.

For your information: Klap-step is only for corporate customers and cannot be purchased by end users.

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