Implementing Klapster in kitchen base cabinets can greatly help to reach higher shelves. When needed, the installed steps can easily be folded out and kitchenware can be taken out of the higher cabinets. In this way, storage space in kitchen cabinets can finally be fully optimized and accessible to people of all heights.


In ships or boats, Klapster can be used as a space saving staircase solution. As space is very limited, Klapster creates valuable additional space, for instance in sleeping cabins of cruisers. Besides just space saving, Klapster can also allow for fast and easy access to the motor, in sailing boats for example, or it can simply serve as a functional design element on motorboats or yachts.

Klapster can not only be used as a regular staircases. Also in other installation situations, Klapster can generate valuable space.




Depending on your need, Klapster can be manufactured from different materials. Tell us which material is used in your application and we will develop the appropriate concept.


The number of steps, the depth, the width, and the gradient may vary depending on your application. Inform us about your installation situation and we will design a safe Klapster solution taking into consideration the building requirements.


If desired, Klapster can be designed with a handrail for protection against falling. The handrail can either be implemented on the wall side or can be installed with the second stair string. We design Klapster according to your needs.

How can you use Klapster? We are happy to support and inspire you with the integration of Klapster for your needs. Simply fill out the following form and we will take care of the rest.