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A house in the countryside- this was once the ultimate living dream. But times are changing – nowadays the dream of the suburbs is losing its popularity as more and more people are moving to the cities. The metropolises are growing quickly and the availability of housing is diminishing, causing rent prices and construction costs to soar. The only solution is to get creative in how to optimize the space in existing living areas. But how is this possible without compromising the necessary living elements or design standards?


Klapster is a foldable staircase which can be completely recessed into the wall due to its clever origin and smart design. In doing so, Klapster provides the optimal solution for efficiently using (living)-space and creating additional space.

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Klapster Comfort consists of two stair stringers and centered steps, which are connected by spring supported rotation axis. The integrated rotation axis enables a swivel movement of the steps by 90 degree, whereby the stairs can be moved from an unfolded to a complete folded condition.


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The construction of Klapster Comfort is set up in a way that the stairs can be folded and unfolded within a matter of seconds and with minimum effort. Thus, a one-man operation is possible without a problem. Moreover, when folded up, the smart design prohibits the steps from unintentionally folding out.


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Folded up, both stair stringers and the steps are arranged in one plane on the wall. Due to this arrangement, the stairs can be folded vertically towards the wall without changing the overall length. This guarantees optimal space conditions.

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When folded up, the staircase extends out from the wall by approx. 3cm – about the thickness of the stringers and steps. However, to optimize space even more, there is the option to create a recess in the wall in which to fold the staircase. In this way, the staircase can be folded up completely to maximize space.



For fall protection, we offer modular handrail modules for the Comfort version.

The handrail modules are simply screwed onto the outer stringers and thus follow the folding movement of the stairs without restricting it.

The modules not only ensure safe walking but also complement the stylish look of the Comfort staircase with other elegant elements.

They can be used for all gradients.


For additional anti-slip protection we offer self-adhesive anti-slip foils in step cut (529x177mm).

The film is slightly structured and comfortable on the feet, both barefoot and on socks. The special surface complies with DIN 51130 and has a slip resistance class R9.

The films are suitable for all surfaces.

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